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19th Dec 2022

The 2 Johnnies’ Johnny B goes Instagram official with Shauna Lindsay

It’s been reported that they’ve been dating for a few months.

2FM presenter and host of The 2 Johnnies podcast Johnny B and his girlfriend Shauna Lindsay have made their relationship known on social media with a sweet post on Instagram.

Shauna, a content creator and influencer, posted a photo collage from a night out on her Instagram story, and in the pictures, she’s getting close with the podcast host. In another story, Shauna shared a video of the pair doing shots together, and captioned it “love you loooooong time”.

According to some reports, Johnny B and Shauna have been dating for a few months now, but Shauna’s latest Instagram post is the first time either of them have made it clear they’re in a couple.

Johnny B hosts The 2 Johnnies podcast alongside Johnny McMahon, and it’s been running since 2018. This year, they released two episodes that went viral as they exposed a so-called ‘GAA Catfish’ – a woman who used a fake profile to enter into online relationships with several GAA players and Johnny B himself. However, after several failed meet-ups, they dug deeper into the story they realised that the woman they were chatting to was not who she claimed to be.

Speaking on the podcast, Johnny B said that they will never reveal the true identity of the GAA Catfish, or any of the men she duped.

He said: “We’re never going to reveal the identity of anyone that’s connected to this story. All we can hope is that this catfishing stops and anyone who is tempted to do something realises how wrong that is.

“And also there was nothing illegal in this, there’s nobody who has been asked for money or tried to be scammed from these accounts. We need to state that but look, these people have been affected by this, their lives have been affected and it needs to stop.”

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