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26th Feb 2019

Vicky Pattison’s boyfriend has been approached for Love Island 2019

Jade Hayden

A familiar enough face, so.

A lad who seems to be in the running for appearing on this summer’s series of Love Island is going out with Vicky Pattison and also knows Jack Fincham so, yeah, he’s pretty well connected.

Or he’s just hellbent on becoming a Z-list celebrity and is hanging out with all the right people.

Who can say for sure?

Ercan Ramadan was caught shifting Vicky when the pair went out for a few drinks in January, however the Geordie Shore star initially insisted that they’re just mates.

Ah yeah, sounds about right.

She eventually confirmed that the pair were indeed dating which surprised few people given the abundance of couple-esque pictures they’d be sharing on social media.

Ercan’s also been seen hanging around with last year’s Love Island winner Jack, proving he’s certainly no stranger to the hashtag influencer life.

And according to The Sun, ITV producers are keen to give him an even more intense taste of low-key fame.

“They told him he’d be a perfect fit for the show and that they really wanted him on board,” an insider said.

“He knows it would be good for his career but he’s with Vicky now, so he’s not sure how to play it. It’s a total U-turn after Love Island bosses binned reality stars for the last series.

“But this year they know exactly who they want on the show. Everyone on Love Island must have a strong influence on social media – it’s key to the success of the show.”

Ercan, who already has over 50,000 followers on Instagram, would therefore be a great fit for the show.

If only he wasn’t, eh, in a relationship.