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20th Jul 2021

Kaz and Toby have heated words after last night’s challenge

Sarah McKenna Barry

Things are heating up in the villa…

Tonight’s Love Island will see fan favourite Kaz confront Toby over how he treated her when they were in a couple together.

During the Snog, Marry, Pie challenge, Kaz shoved a pie in Toby’s face. Keen to know why, he pulls her aside for a quick chat.

Kaz tells him that the way he told her about his kiss with Chloe was disrespectful.

“You did lie to me,” Kaz said. “In bed, when I said, ‘Anything extra to say?’ You were like ‘No, no’, and then the next day you were like, ‘Oh yeah, we kissed on the terrace.’ That was a lie.”

Toby then asks Kaz: “Is that a lie?”

She responds with: “It was a lie. It’s not a drama. Obviously, the thing is at the end of the day, you were disrespectful, a little bit.”

Toby, however, fails to see it that way.

“If I could go back, I don’t think I have any regrets because I told you how it was from the jump.”

Kaz later adds: “Listen, where you are today is none of my business. I’m happy for you and Chloe to do your thing. However, do I feel like you could have treated me better? 100%.”

Toby eventually concedes, but Kaz is quick to point out how quickly he changed his mind.

But that’s not all. Faye later gives Toby a stern talking to, while Liberty pulls him aside for a chat as well.

Also on tonight’s episode, Teddy and Faye head off on their fist date. About time, if you ask me.

Crucially, the islanders will gather round the fire to hear the results of the public vote.

Hugo receives a text which reads: “The public have been voting for their favourite girl and favourite boy. Those with the fewest votes are at risk of being dumped from the Island tonight.”

We have our fingers crossed hoping that tonight’s episode won’t end in a cliffhanger.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One and the Virgin Media Player.