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14th Feb 2015

Katie Hopkins Was Offered ‘The Ride’ On Last Night’s Late Late Show

As Ronan O'Gara talked about "getting up" on his wife.


It was like an episode of Jerry Springer meets Blind Date… A voice over from our Graham would’ve been great.

There was something in the water over at the RTÉ studios in Donnybrook last night, as The Late Late Show went from PG to over 18s.

The X-Rated Late Late Show was a television experience to say the very least. Love was in the air, as the show had a call out earlier this week for guys and girls “who are single but not camera shy” to join the studio audience and couples were paired off throughout the course of the night.

Celebrity Big Brother finalist Katie Hopkins returned once again to dish the dirt on her experience in the reality competition, not without a controversial mark or two about her hatred for ‘fat people’.

Hopkins singled out a (single) man in the audience and what happened next, well, made for great TV.


Hopkins was offered “the ride” by an absolute charmer and all hell broke loose. 

Rugby legend Ronan O’Gara also joined Tubs to chat about life after the game, and when asked to compare his 2,625 point career with the achievement of raising five children under the age of six with his “champion wife” Jessica, his response shocked the entire country. 

“I wouldn’t be nervous getting up on Jessica but I would be nervous kicking a ball,” O’Gara replied.

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Only in Ireland…