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15th Dec 2021

Yes, Carrie was wearing the Manolos during that death scene

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Those shoes.

*Major And Just Like That spoilers ahead.*

It’s been a week since And Just Like That… hit our screens and we’re still sitting in the same spot with our jaws completely dropped by the ending to the first episode.

While most of us just were too stunned to speak, the rest of us were a blubbering mess at the loss of Mr. Big, how could they do him so dirty like that?

The scene showed Carrie arriving home to find Big hunched over on the shower floor after suffering a heart attack, and she runs towards him to hold him as he passes away.

In the run to grab her husband, Carrie kicks off her shoes, shoes that had been pointed out earlier in the episode as the very same ones she wore to their wedding.

This, of course, only made viewers all the more distraught, giving his death and the impact it has on Carrie all the more difficult to watch.

As Carrie’s wedding shoes got drenched and lay there lifeless beside her dying husband, it gave his death more significance and fans have not been able to let it go.

Immediately taking to Twitter, fans shared their feelings, and they are not one bit happy.

One simply said: “This one HURT.”

Another said: “who else noticed the last song of this episode was the same as the last from season 6?”

A third said: “I knew when she put on the shoes.. something wasn’t right.”

A fourth added: “When they started flashing between the recital and him being on the peloton, I knew. I had my hand over my mouth waiting.”

And if you’re wondering just what shoes they were, other than them being her wedding shoes, they are none other than Manolos.

When Carrie and Big eventually got married, she opted for Manolo Blahnik’s silk Hangisi stilettos in a royal blue hue, which were Carrie Bradshaw if she was made into a shoe.

The perfect balance between glam and bold, they were exactly what you’d expect from her wedding day, but not what we expected her to have on when Big died.

Victoria Bazalinchuk, the fan behind the account @justlikethatcloset, told Brides Magazine: “Manolos were an underlying theme for all six seasons of the original show, plus the movie. They became a Carrie essential!

“It’s hard to imagine Carrie’s wardrobe without a pair of Manolos. So, of course, when their romance was wrapped up with a pair of Manolos and a proposal, the blue pair became significant, and every true SATC fan dreamt of getting married in them.”

So now it makes sense as to why this scene hurt so much more.

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