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22nd Nov 2017

‘Slippery Stairs’ will certainly brighten your mood on this rainy day

Brb, booking flights to Japan.

Denise Curtin

We are officially obsessed.

Slippery Stairs is a gameshow televised in Japan and we seriously want someone to commission it here in Ireland.

Basically the aim of the game is to be the first contestant to reach the top of the stairs and grab the prestigious ribboned envelope from the treasure trunk. The contestant that succeeds to do so, wins. It is just that simple.

Emotions run high on the slippery slopes with some contestants getting SO close, yet falling upon almost reaching the finish line (skip forward to 7:24 to induce tears).

We have to admit though, we would love to give the stairs a whack and get the chance to wear one of those “power ranger” style morphsuits.

Equally, people on Twitter are also loving the game and sharing their wishes to take part.

Hmmmm, maybe this could be a project idea for Her in the summer. Who would be up for the challenge?