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14th Mar 2023

Jamie Lee Curtis wants more female nominees in all categories after her Oscar win

‘I mean basically just f***ing more women anywhere, anytime, all at once.’

Jamie Lee Curtis has won an Oscar for the first time in her career for superhero comedy Everything Everywhere All at Once.

The 64-year-old won best supporting actress in what was a huge night for ‘Everything’ at the Academy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday, with the multiverse movie winning seven awards.

Curtis plays tax inspector Deirdre Beaubeirdre in Everything, as well as the character’s alternate-universe counterparts.

The role saw Curtis, daughter of actors Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, receive her first ever nomination in a four-decade acting career. She earlier received the Screen Actors Guild award for best supporting actress, and nominations from Bafta and the Golden Globes for the role.

She beat Angela Bassett for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Hong Chau for The Whale to claim the prize.

Curtis received a standing ovation and declared her victory for the “hundreds of people” who had helped her career reach this moment and “all of the people who have supported the genre movies I have made all these years, the hundreds and thousands of people: we just won an Oscar! Together!”

Jamie Lee CurtisJamie Lee Curtis, winner of the Best Supporting Actress award for “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” attends the Governors Ball during the 95th Annual Academy Awards at Dolby Theatre. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

‘It’s a complicated question’ – Jamie Lee Curtis

Later in the evening, Jamie Lee Curtis spoke with reporters and was asked how it felt to be one of 65 women nominated at the 95th Academy Awards. “Surreal and proud,” she said, adding: “And obviously I would like to see a lot more women be nominated so that there’s gender parity in all the areas and all the branches. And I think we’re getting there [but] we’re not anywhere near there.”

Curtis went on to highlight the need for inclusivity for non-binary and trans people within the film industry while discussing her trans-daughter, Ruby Guest.

“Of course, the inclusivity then involves the bigger question, which is how do you include everyone when there are binary choices? Which is very difficult and as the mother of a trans daughter, I completely understand that.

“And yet, to de-gender the category, also, I’m concerned will diminish the opportunities for more women, which is something I also have been working hard to try to promote.

“So it’s a complicated question, but I think the most important thing is inclusivity.”

The Halloween star finished by saying, “I mean basically just f***ing more women anywhere, anytime, all at once,” a statement that garnered claps from the crowd.

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