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08th Aug 2022

Jacques O’Neill addresses Paige and Adam’s relationship on Instagram

Sarah McKenna Barry

Jacques and Luca joked about whether or not Adam would get on with Paige’s family.

Jacques O’Neill has commented on Paige Thorne’s relationship with Adam Collard during a recent Instagram Live with Luca Bish.

The rugby player had been coupled up with Paige in the early weeks of Love Island, but after he left the villa, she struck up a relationship with returning islander Adam Collard.

During the live video, a fan asked Jacques what he thought about Paige and Adam. 

To this, he sarcastically responded: “They seem to get on really, really well. They seem very happy together.”

Luca then said: “Glad the mum approves.”

To this, Jacques said: “Her mum seems really fond of Adam, so, yeah. I’m sure the Sunday dinner will go really well.”

Last week, there was speculation that Adam and Paige had called it quits after Paige was spotted alone at the Love Island wrap party.

Adam shut down these rumours after a fan commented on an Instagram post of his saying, “Are you and Paige still together?”

To this, he said: “I bloody hope so since I’m seeing her tomorrow. Course we are I can’t wait just family comes first x.”

Paige’s mum cast some doubt on her daughter’s relationship during the Meet the Parents segment on the show.

Dying to know what her mum thought, Paige asked her how she felt about Adam and after a long pause, she said that she wasn’t “buying it”.

She said: “The way you were with Jacques was completely different. You were a lot more you, and full of life and personality. You just seemed a lot different with Jacques.”

Later in the Beach Hut, Paige said: “My mum and her savage comments. I mean, she would be. I was just like ‘Oh, for God’s sake.'”