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28th Jan 2018

Jacqueline Jossa’s cousin was also in EastEnders and we had no idea

James Dawson

Jacqueline Jossa

Once it’s seen it can’t be unseen.

Earlier this month we told you how Brooke Vincent, who plays Sophie Webster on Corrie, has a cousin who has featured on the show. And it turns out that she’s not the only person in soapland with a family connection.

Jacqueline Jossa has played Lauren Branning on EastEnders since 2010. She is about to leave the show,  but it turns out she’s not the only one in her family to have hung out in Walford.

In fact, the actress’ cousin, Megan Jossa, actually appeared on the show before she did.

She was cast as Grant and Tiffany Mitchell’s daughter back in 2006, however, unlike Jacqueline her appearance on the show was short-lived. The actress only appeared for a month before the character departed.

Although fans have been blown away by how much an older Megan looks like her cousin.

I guess that’s genetics for you.