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07th May 2019

This Irish company sells beds with a special compartment for your PET to sleep in

I cannot cope.

Denise Curtin

De – ceased.

If you’ve ever dreamed of living in your own cutesy pillow fort come apartment block with your furry friend WELL, now you can.

Thanks to some genius in Donegal who goes by the name of Anderson’s Themes And Dreams, they’ve created beds that literally feature a compartment to sleep your pet in underneath.

The “bottom floor” as we like to call it, features windows, a little door and an area for your pet to snooze while you sleep above on the “second floor”, I mean, it doesn’t get better than this.

Can you be dealing?

The beds are made to order and come in a variety of sizes – single, double or king size. They do vary in price depending on which one you select with the starting price appearing at around £895 (€1040).

The beds also take about 14 – 16 weeks from order so, you’ll have to be patient if you want one of these bad boys. In fairness though, just looking at that pic, they look worth the wait.

And speaking of pet gifts, a couple of weeks ago, Urban Outfitters started selling hats for your cat.

Coming in three different styles, the hats called “Rilakkuma Cat Cap” feature different animated faces with built-in ears making any animal that wears them look extra adorable.

This is not just a gift for cats, but a gift for the world.

You can purchase them online here.