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21st Nov 2016

Here’s who’s not returning for the Gilmore Girls revival

We’ll certainly miss some of these people.

Ever since the Gilmore Girls revival was announced we were delighted to hear that almost all of our favourite people were returning.

While the two girls were a given, we were delighted that highly popular actress Melissa McCarthy was returning to play Sookie and that Sean Gunn would be back as Kirk doing plenty of odd jobs.

However, over the 7 seasons there were plenty of memorable characters, albeit minor, that will not be returning.

Sadly, most of us already knew that Richard, played by Edward Hermann would not be coming back as the actor passed away in 2015. Richard will be very much acknowledged, however, as the storyline is said to focus a lot of the loss of Rory’s grandfather.

Aside from the iconic Richard, here are some others who won’t be returning.

Max Medina, who was Rory’s teacher and Lorelai’s former fiance, will not be coming back, much to the creator’s dismay.

“One person I didn’t figure out how to get in was Scott Cohen, whom we love so much,” Amy Sherman-Palladino, told Entertainment Weekly.

While Lorelai’s other former flame Chris will be returning, his little girl Gigi will not.

Dave Ryjaski, who played Lane’s boyfriend and bandmate also won’t be in the revival, despite all of his band members, Brian, Zac and Gil all featuring alongside Lane.

Neither Madeline and Louise, Liz nor Marty will be coming to Netflix in the four-part series.

While it is already known that Logan will be back, his father and media mogul Mitchum Huntzberger will also return but neither Logan’s sister Honor nor his mother will back.

Thankfully there are still so many amazing characters coming back whom we cannot wait to see again on November 25th.

GilmoreNews put together a collage of all our favourite faces who are coming to Netflix. This includes minor characters like Gypsy and Taylor.


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