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07th Jul 2021

Here’s why we never see the Love Islanders eat actual meals

Ellen Fitzpatrick

We’re all wondering it…

Love Island takes over our screens (and our lives) for two months every year, but in all that time, why do we barely ever see them eating?

Ok, we know they obviously do eat meals, and the odd time we see them on a brunchy picnic or having an ice pop in the sun, but it never seems to be a big hearty meal.

While we have established that they definitely are fed, our biggest questions are when, and why don’t we ever see it?

Ex-islander Zara McDermott told Cosmopolitan that during dinner was then their mic batteries get changed, so that would explain why we don’t see anything.

“That’s why dinner is never filmed or you don’t see anyone eating hot food,” she said.

She also added that they didn’t have to cook their own food, there was a catering team hired for that and the food tasted “amazing”.

It doesn’t end there, Zara said that she, and the rest of islanders, could request something to eat at any time they wanted. Now that’s a life we could definitely get used to.

And remember Connagh from the winter season? He revealed to Closer that they actually all eat their meals separately.

love island

“I suppose the only thing I thought was a bit weird was that at dinner time the boys and girls were separated,” he said.

As well as all of this, Dani Dyer told Hello! that they don’t get to choose what they eat, but there is a buffet that comes in at lunch and dinner with a selection of food. Not too shabby.

She said: “There are no menus, it is catering, so obviously breakfast and stuff you cook yourself, so you have like eggs, bacon, toast and that kind of stuff. Then lunch and dinner are buffet.”

When it comes to snacking, it’s no big deal either as “the fridge has always got meats and cheeses and that kind of stuff, and there is always snacks.”

But the biggest downfall when it comes to the food in the villa according to Dani is the chips, but we don’t really see the issue at all. Sounds more like heaven.

She said: “There are salads, meat and fish, but you would end up eating their chips because the chips were so nice. You would go that day, and honestly, I used to say to Samira, ‘please don’t let me eat the chips today’. I mean honestly, I was eating chips every day, I realised I shouldn’t be doing that.”