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29th Apr 2022

Here’s a major editing fail you may have missed from Selling Sunset season 5

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Incredible stuff.

Selling Sunset fans rarely miss a beat, but some may not have picked up on this slight blunder from the latest season that dropped on Netflix last week.

Fans have been watching and rewatching the drama unfold in season five but a few eagled eye viewers have been pointing out some blunders and editing fails in the show.

The latest doing its rounds on social media is all about Christine Quinn attending Chelsea Lazkani’s British tea party in the eight episode.

Arriving at the party in a bright pink dress and a light blue fascinator, it was only a matter of seconds before something had changed.

Suddenly, Christine was seen wearing a large pink hat and her blue fascinator was completely out of the picture.

@jpatzz Edit fail but both good looks! #netflix #sellingsunset #sellingsunsetnetflix #editfail #netflix #sellingsunsetseason5 #christinequinn #fabulous ♬ original sound – J P

It may not be the biggest of blunders the show has seen, but it certainly couldn’t go unnoticed among fans.

As well as the stunning properties, ridiculously extra outfits and crazy storylines, some eagle-eyed viewers also spotted a hilarious blunder involving Jason Oppenheim’s iPhone.

In one scene, the property bro is spotted talking to a client on the phone, but at one point, his screen is visible. Instead of it displaying an ongoing phone call, his screen is open on the camera app, and it appears to be ready to take a photo.

Fans were quick to jump onto Twitter to share their reactions to the blunder.

One wrote: “Jason Oppenheim ‘on a phone call’ during a scene in the new season of Selling Sunset. From what I see though…his camera app is open.”

Another viewer tweeted: “Highlight of the new season of Selling Sunset is Jason going outside for an ‘important phone call’ and the camera zooming in to him having the camera app open.”

Another pointed out a similar Selling Sunset blunder in which Heather appears to make a fake phone call. The realtor is supposed to be on a phone to a client, but her home screen is clearly visible.

Sharing a side-by-side image of the two on-screen phone blunders, one fan said: “Obsessed with Jason and Heather not knowing how to at least fake the phone calls on Selling Sunset.”