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31st Aug 2014

“Help Is On The Way, Dear” Eleven Lessons We Learned From Mrs. Doubtfire

We learned so much from this legend.

Sue Murphy

Growing up, Mrs. Doubtfire was just one of those films we returned to again and again, a heartwarming story of a man who would do anything to spend time with his beloved children. Robin Williams was a force of nature. An unbelievably talented actor, he made Mrs. Doubtfire the wonderful woman that she was. Here are eleven lessons we learned from her.

1. Divorce is not the end.

2. Imagination is EVERYTHING!

3. Everybody makes mistakes.

4. Cake makes an amazing disguise.

5. Be there for the ones you love… no matter what.

6. Laugh. Just laugh.

7. Love is the greatest gift of all.

8. Don’t blame yourself.

9. Honesty is always the best policy.

10. Fire Safety is key!

11. A father would do anything for his children.