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23rd Nov 2018

Harry Redknapp absolutely floored us while talking about his wife last night

Olivia Hayes

He’s fast becoming a fan favourite.

We’re not even a week into I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here yet we’ve already found out a lot about Harry Redknapp and his life.

For example, he once ran his wife over and destroyed her flowerbeds. He also met Prince Harry and shrugged him off, and then met Prince Eugenie and didn’t know who she was.

He has a lot of stories.

But the story that totally floored viewers (and us) last night was when he was talking about how much he loves his wife.

Speaking to Fleur East and Sair Khan, Harry said of his wife Sandra: “Even when I’m out I ring her 10 times a day. She’s my life. I’m a bit scared, getting a bit older. I love her too much, if anything happened it would just kill me.

“We just get on so well, I only want to be with her. I can never wait to see her. Jamie (his son) says ‘you’ve won the lottery’.”

Viewers took to Twitter soon after to share their thoughts: