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26th Apr 2018

Harry Potter fans are flipping out over the new mobile game Hogwarts Mystery

Rory Cashin

You can return to the world of wizarding on your phone or tablet.

While we are still returning to Harry Potter’s universe every now and again – the upcoming big-screen sequel to Fantastic Beasts later in 2018 is proof of that – but the fact that so many people are still all caught up in all things Hogwarts just goes to show the lasting effect that these books and movies have had on their audiences.

Warner Brothers are still obviously quite aware of this, and have released a new mobile game for fans to play, set several years before the arrival of Harry Potter at his magical school, but the looming shadow of his arrival still weighs heavily over everything.

Hogwarts Mystery should feel a little familiar to anyone who has ever played one of the fantastically popular TellTale Games outings, with the point-and-click meets conversation-tree plot-lines feeling quite similar to The Walking Dead series.

You can check out the teaser for the game right here, which available to download right now:

Players are already really enjoying returning to Hogwarts, re-meeting some of their favourite magical teachers, and seeing parts of the school we never got to see in the movies, like the Hufflepuff Common Room, or getting sorted into your school with the Sorting Hat, and then most re-starting the game every time you don’t get Gryffindor (or, if you’re really fun, Slytherin).

However, those same players have also already encountered what appears to the game’s primary villain, fellow student Merula, and … let us just say that the reactions to her are strong.