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06th Jul 2020

It’s happening: The Cube gameshow is coming back to TV

Jade Hayden

Name a more iconic gameshow, I’ll wait.

Okay, okay, there are plenty of gameshows that are arguably more iconic than ITV’s The Cube – Family Fortunes, Supermarket Sweet, The Chase, and Bullseye to name but a few.

However, there is something different about a show that requires people to enter a see-through box and take part in a series of games that on the surface look quite simple, but in actual fact, aren’t.

It’s tense, it’s fun, it’s got an anonymous character element called The Body who absolutely adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the entire dealings.

And now The Cube is coming back – and we truly could not be more pumped.

Host Philip Schofield announced the news via social media this week, sharing a call out for potential contestants who have what it takes to beat The Cube.

“Yes!!!” Phillip wrote. “Game on! Can you Beat the Cube?”

This time around, the show is looking for groups of two from the same household or “support bubble” who have a mix of personalities and skills.

The Cube’s top prize was originally an impressive £250,000, but judging by this new bigger and better reboot, there’s every chance that the jackpot will increase considerably.

Or it’ll stay the same. Honestly, who knows.

The Cube initially aired on ITV between 2009 and 2015. Hosted by Schofield, the series amassed a cult following among those who enjoy watching normal people do normal tasks inside an abnormally giant cube… and fail miserably, while they’re at it.

There’s been official word yet as to whether Schofe will be taking up hosting duties again, although his sharing of the application form would suggest that he will indeed be making a return.

You truly do love to see it.


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