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20th Apr 2020

Gangs of London is an epic new Sky original thriller and the excitement is real

Anna Daly

Gangs of London

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A top-quality thriller series is just about everything we need right now.

It’s week three (four? Five? Who even knows anymore?) of our social isolating and we have just about burned through every series on TV. We’ve finished all the series we were watching, started new ones and finished those, and rewatched some old favourites.

So when we heard Sky was coming out with a new thriller, we got pretty excited.

The show, Gangs of London, is a Sky original that’s coming exclusively to Sky Atlantic this April 23 and we are counting down those days.

This is an audacious gangland thriller set in (of course) London that tells the story of a city torn apart by gang warfare and the power struggles of the people that control the city.

When Finn Wallace, the head of London’s most powerful crime family and played by our very own Colm Meaney, is shot dead, the crime world is thrown into chaos. Many international rivals are not happy with Finn’s son Sean’s (Joe Cole) assumption of power and Sean himself is determined to find the person responsible for killing his father. One person who could help him is Elliot Finch (Sope Dirisu), a lowlife chancer with a mysterious interest in the Wallace family. As Sean’s impulsivity leads him into trouble, Elliot finds himself wrapped up in the inner workings of the largest criminal organisation in London.

This series is filled with loads of brilliant actors, many of whom you’ll recognise, such as Joe Cole, who you may know from Peaky Blinders or Black Mirror, and Michelle Fairley, stepping back into the fierce-mother role that we loved to watch her play in Game of Thrones. 

The brutal but phenomenal Gangs of London was created by award-winning filmmaker Gareth Evans, director of The Raid, and his creative partner Matt Flannery, the man behind all of the stunning cinematography that you can expect to see in each episode.

Corin Hardy, director of The Hallow and The Nun, and Xavier Gens, director of The Divide, are also episode directors that you can expect to pack a lot of punch (literally).

With so many fantastic names coming together, it’s safe to assume that this show is going to be a good one and we are ABSOLUTELY ready for all the high-stakes and action-packed drama that comes with it.

All episodes of Gangs of London will be available from Thursday 23 April, exclusively on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV. Find out more at

This is not one to miss and we can hardly wait. Check out the trailer below.


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