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26th Feb 2019

Friends fans have noticed another error and it may be the most awkward one yet

It’s hard to believe Friends came to an end more than 15 years ago.

But thanks to constant re-runs, Netflix, and catchy one-liners, the beloved sitcom is still going strong.

Even though we will always have a soft spot for the six cast members, it’s been hard not to notice some of the small errors that cropped up on the show in recent months.

Like the problem with Monica’s wedding dress. Or the really creepy detail about Rachel’s date with Joshua.

Or that whole thing about when Phoebe was on the phone for two days.

Now, fans have uncovered another error in the sitcom – and it may be the most awkward one yet.

In season nine’s The One With Ross’s Inappropriate Song, there’s a scene where Joey and Chandler accidentally find a sex tape featuring Monica and her ex, Richard.

Joey realises what’s on the tape before Chandler does and, in an effort to keep him from seeing the screen, tackles him to the ground.

One eagle-eyed Reddit user pointed out that there was actually a crash mat in the frame – presumably so the actors didn’t hurt themselves during the fall.

And it seems as if we weren’t the only ones who were a bit stunned by the reveal.

One person commented:

“I’ve watched the entire series at least 20 times and still find little Easter eggs like this every time.

“This one is new for me, now I can look for it when I get to this season again!”

Another added:

“Huh, great find!”

Someone else wrote:

“Yay for forced widescreen versions when they really weren’t intended. That’s why I prefer the 4:3 dvd versions over HD, and of course the extra scenes.”