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21st May 2019

Forget flamingos… giant LLAMA pool floats are here and they’re what we need


Denise Curtin

What do we want?

A llama pool float.

When do we want it?

For our pics for the ‘gram this summer.

Let’s face it… flamingo pool floats were fun while they latest but like every trend, they get old with time and replaced by something fresh and new.

(Enter fresh and new item) 

And so, cast your eyes on our latest inflatable animal obsession – the llama pool float.

This pink and while llama pool float isn’t just cute but it’s also relatively cheap and huge at 4ft x 4ft.

The float is from Big Mouth Inc and can be purchased on Amazon for just £23.94 (roughly €27).

You can purchase the float online here.

And while you’re at it, cast your eye on Big Mouth Inc’s other offerings which include a pizza float, a drinks float, and some very witty mugs – it’s all over here.