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07th Jan 2024

Will there be a second season of Fool Me Once? Here’s what we know

Kat O'Connor

Fool Me Once has become one of the most-talked-about shows of this year

Netflix users have been glued to the mini-series Fool Me Once, but is the show returning for a second season?

It may have been a major success, but it looks like it won’t be renewed.

Netflix has confirmed the show is a limited series.

The streaming service has no plans to renew the show for further episodes.

However, one star of the thrilling series is set for Hollywood following the show’s success.

According to the MailOnline, Michelle Keegan has caught the eyes of Hollywood film executives.

An insider told the publication that her role in the show could lead to future Hollywood jobs.

“The response to Fool Me Once has been overwhelming,” the insider said.

“The phone calls and offers have been coming in from Hollywood film executives, it’s different to anything Michelle has experienced before.”

“Netflix is a global platform and the show has given her the opportunity to shine,” they added.

Michelle may be a household name in the UK, but this role could introduce her to Hollywood, turning her into an even bigger star.

“Her career has already been a success but now her star is rising, everyone can feel that this is the beginning of something special,” they added.

Keegan is hoping to get into the movie world and hopes to star in a thriller.

“Michelle feels lucky that she’s always played likeable characters but now she’s hoping to take it up a notch by landing a film role.”

Viewers have praised the actress and said she is the standout actress in Fool Me Once.

The series is available to watch on Netflix now.