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31st May 2022

First look: Here’s the new and improved Love Island villa

Sarah McKenna Barry

It’s kinda gorge.

Love Island returns to our screens next week, and we’re not only getting a batch of new contestants, but a brand new villa as well.

This year’s season will kick off with 12 participants looking for love in a new villa in Mallorca, Spain, and the first photos of the gaff dropped last night.

Some features – the fire-pit, the pool area, the daybeds –  bear a striking resemblance to last year’s villa, and a lot of the decor seems the same. The characteristic Love Island beanbags are still dotted around the garden, and the blue and pink colour scheme and suggestive neon decorations are still going strong.

However, some fixtures have definitely levelled up. The bedroom, for instance, appears much bigger, with more space between the double beds. There is also new funky pop-art on the bedroom walls, which add a bit of character, truth be told.

Moreover, the space where the ladies get ready looks a bit swankier too.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Love Island without a gorgeous but criminally underused swimming pool.

This year, the pool has these loungers that seem to be partially submerged in the water which is cool I suppose? I guess the aim is to keep part of you a bit cool and wet while you sun-bathe, but the whole thing seems a bit uncomfortable to me.

Of course, the villa is equipped with an outdoor kitchen, as well as an overlooking area where the islanders can sip their ice coffee and debrief the crew on the previous evening’s activities.

It wouldn’t be Love Island without some questionable and vaguely suggestive art choices, and this villa has plenty of that. Behold a small selection of our favourites.

Love Island starts at 9pm Monday 6th June on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player.