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29th Jan 2020

Finding it hard to keep up with Love Island? We’ve the lowdown for you here


Denise Curtin

Let’s face it…

Commitment is hard. Be it to a person, place or thing, we feel you, we hear you, it’s difficult, it’s challenging.

And now that Love Island has decided to do two seasons a year (cheers matey), you might be finding it hard to keep up. But don’t worry it’s not you, it’s them.

Anyways, if you find yourself fading in and out of this season due to other commitments you might have like falling into TikTok at 7pm and arising at 11pm or sitting on the toilet scrolling Instagram for an hour, then fear not, as we’ll get you up to speed faster than you’ll watch an episode.

Listen here

Between Leanne getting the ICK, Siannise finding herself in a surprising love triangle and girl code being key so you don’t shoot yourself in the foot, we’re discussing the latest Love Island episode while explaining why it’s so damn HASHTAG RELATABLE to our lives in our show I’ve Got A Text, the Love Island Recap Show.

Perfect for listening to on your commute. Made for gorgeous people like yourself who just cannot afford to watch every episode. #Booked-and-Busy. The Love Island recap show is what you need to keep relevant with your colleagues and the latest episode is now live.

So, fear not if you miss a show, you can keep up to date right here by subscribing/following the show on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.