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17th Jul 2023

Date for final episode of Love Island accidentally revealed and it’s super soon

The Love Island final date was accidentally revealed during last night’s episode of Aftersun and it’s a lot sooner than we thought.

During last night’s show, former Made In Chelsea star Sam Thompson revealed that there are only two and a half weeks left of the show. This means the final episode will likely fall on July 31st.

Sam was discussing Leah B’s arrival but said she only had two and a half weeks to make her move. The presenter said it would’ve been nice to see her join the show earlier.

The Love Island finale often falls on a Monday, making July 31st the perfect date for the winners to be announced.

Fans of the show have expressed their concerns about the final because there are “no solid couples” in the villa.

One said, “Watching love island is starting to feel like a chore. like can we just end it, skip to the final and give Whitney the 50k? I’m done now.”

Another added, “I just know the producers are panicking.”

One wrote, “This is the chaotic state of dating in 2023 shown as it is live on tv.”

Many fans are hoping Whitney will win, but others believe Molly and Zach have a chance at winning.

Who do you think will be crowned winners of Love Island 2023? Can we just vote for Maya Jama?