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23rd Sep 2017

Fergie just dropped the video for her new single ‘Enchanté’ and it’s fab


Last year, Fergie had her come back and dropped the iconic M.I.L.F.$.

It was a track that featured a lot of milk, mums, and more milk.

The video for M.I.L.F.$ was also one of the greatest achievements of the 21st century if we do say so ourselves.

We were glad that Fergie had returned and that she was willing to bring some bangers with her.

This week, the Duchess has graced us all with another #hottrack in the form of Enchanté – and the fab video that goes with it.

Starring none other than Kendall Jenner, the video shows the reality star prancing around a house, wearing a lot of different outfits, and even lip-synching to the lyrics of the song.

The guys over at Bustle have some thoughts as to why Kendall is included in the video at all.

After all, haven’t we seen quite enough of the Kardashian-Jenner clan and absolutely not enough of Fergie in recent years?

Well, apparently there’s a good reason why Kendall’s there and it’s all to do with social media.


They say the song is about the internet, the people we meet on there, and our need to always appear a certain way.

The lyrics, “Enchanted, delighted to meet you, excited, the people,” could be about all the folks Fergie has to meet as a famous person, which Kendall also is, and “The people, the music, I want to consume it” does sound a little like our attitudes to social media.

And by extension, Kendall’s attitude too.

The video also shows Kendall performing as different versions of herself.

At one point, one Kendall is relaxing in the bath while the other Kendall is getting ready to go out.


There’s also a point where the Instagram star and model stands in a light-up box in the middle of the room or, in other words, a platform.

Like a social media platform. Get it?

No? Okay.


Either way, Enchanté is a banging tune and everyone should listen to it.

And watch the video too. It’s pretty slick.

Fergie’s album Double Duchess dropped yesterday.