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06th Jun 2019

Fans think Love Island’s Joe will leave the villa to return to his Netflix role

If you know, you know.

Denise Curtin

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Love Island’s Joe once starred in the hit Netflix series You.

It is believed he will be leaving the show shortly to return to filming for the second season of the fictional series.

OK, OK, I’m fully lying.

Joe is more about that sweet BLT life and now, he’s on a mission to find love.

And a mission he is ON.

On last night’s episode, the 22-year-old tried his best to lock down Lucie and make her his. But the problem is, this is Love Island and everyone has the same idea especially when Joes isn’t the only one with eyes on Lucie.

Revealing that he thinks she’s keeping her “options open”, Joe was visibly upset and confused as to what Lucie’s agenda was, while Lucie was equally confused as to what she wanted – this hot boy orrrrr this hot boy.


Revealing that she wanted to remain “drama free” and take things slow, everyone couldn’t help but make the comparison between Love Island’s Joe and You’s Joe.

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