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29th Jan 2020

Fans are living for the ‘Uno reverse card’ that Siannise pulled on last night’s Love Island

Oh, Fudge.

Denise Curtin

When you’ve got the ick, girl, you’ve got the ICK.

On today’s Love Island podcast, Denise and Cassie discuss what it’s like when you get the dreaded ick and how they think Leanne handled the situation like a pro.

Listen to all their points on last night’s show below!


Love Island is finally serving us the drama we require for our dark souls and last night’s dish was extra juicy.

We saw Leanne tell Mike it’s all over as she got the “ick times 10”. New Islanders, Demi and Wallace sussed the gang and potential suitors ahead of tonight’s recoupling and the biggest moment from last night that really got fans revved up, Siánesse gave Rebecca a taste of her own medicine by cracking on with Luke T while he was coupled up with the Geordie.

After Rebecca’s last minute decision to choose Luke T in the last recoupling, Siânnise is now getting her payback or in her words, Rebecca is getting “karma” as Siânesse and Luke T are hitting it off leaving Rebecca at risk of eviction.

“They’re dunking tea bags together, that’s so muggy” Rebecca sighed.

But it looks as though fans of the show don’t see the situation as “muggy”, stating that Siânnise has pulled the “Uno reverse card” for what Rebecca did to her when she picked Luke T without forewarning Siânnise that she wanted to crack on with him.

Folks, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We predict a lot more drama is en route.

Love Island returns to Virign Media One tonight at 9pm.