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11th Jun 2018

Fans demand Hayley is kicked off Love Island after last night’s episode

Fans were not amused.

James Dawson

“Why ya fuming?”

Say what you like, last night Hayley proved that she deserves to win Love Island.

Having ignored Eyal for the best part of a week, on Friday – faced with the prospect of being uncoupled – she went on a charm offensive telling him she ‘wanted to get to know him better’. Eyal stood by his woman, Kendall got dumped and in the aftermath, Hayley even gave the resident wokenist a kiss.

But as last night’s episode wore on it became apparent that Eyal was still not going to get anywhere with the 21-year-old scouser. Following the kiss she told Wes and Laura that she hated the way he “breathed”, adding that he made her feel “sick”.

As she put it: “I’ve noticed since last night and then today he’s been proper buzzing and it’s making me sick.

“I like a lad that plays it cool, do you know what I mean?”

Then Wes grassed on her and it all kicked off.

After he heard what she’d said, Eyal turned from being “like, woah man, let’s all go down the beach and be spiritual and maybe we can do some mediation”, into a man who clearly needed do some fucking mediation – Hayley responded by saying “why ya fuming?” x99. Intense.

In the aftermath, it seems that some viewers couldn’t handle Hayley turning Eyal ‘Red Ross’, with some people even calling for her to be thrown off the island following the episode.

Twitter, why ya fuming for?