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09th Aug 2021

Fans can’t cope with Hugo and Amy’s blow up on Love Island Aftersun

Ellen Fitzpatrick

We’re speechless.

Love Island has been ever so kind this year showing us ex islanders going head to head once they leave the villa.

First, we got the Millie and Lillie sit down chat to dive into what exactly went on in Casa Amor, and now Aftersun is giving us a whole load of Hugo and Amy drama.

The couple may have been dumped from the villa last week, but that doesn’t mean we have to miss out on how everything unfolded after Hugo said his romantic life in the villa was tragic in front of Amy.

The two sat down on Love Island Aftersun to really address the issues in their relationship once they left the villa, and you’re in for a real treat with this one.

Speaking about a conversation Hugo thinks they had about their relationship status on the sunbeds, but Amy claiming she wasn’t a part of it, Amy completely, as one fan put it, “chewed Hugo like a dog.”

Responding to Hugo’s claims of some conversation, Amy said: “you are so patronising.”

Obviously denying it, Hugo started laughing only for Amy to immediately shut him down and tell him how none of this was funny.

Disagreeing that he changed once he got back to the main villa, Amy continued: “Of course you would, it is the Hugo show. That is how it is, you came on here for a lads’ holiday.

But of course, this wasn’t all we’d see of the pair as they called into the show over a Zoom link to air out any residual anger they may have had.

When Laura Whitmore asked would the two remain friends, Amy’s facial expressions said it all.

Hugo took control of the talking, digging himself a hole by making a dig at Amy claiming she got into bed with him on day one so she could get a “green card to the villa”, they definitely don’t seem like they’re patching things up anytime soon.

The boos from the crowd are enough to give anyone chills, and fans can’t cope with any of it.

One fan said: “Hugo just coming with a bag of useless excuses, you’re not rated g.”

Another said: “He was so useless like everything she’s saying is facts.”

And a third said: “how’s my man sitting there with excuses just say you led her on and keep it stepping bro you’ve already been booted out.”