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01st Jun 2016

Exclusive: Our Laura surprised the director of Me Before You and she LOVED it

It went down a treat.

Laura Holland

Fans of the book Me Before You will be familiar with the famous bumblebee tights. 

For everyone else, it’s a special feature of the book and new movie, which stars Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin. The lead character, Lou, has a special connection with the tights and they become an important part of the story.

I caught up with Emilia in London and also the director Thea to chat about the movie. You can watch Emilia’s interview here.

For Thea, I surprised her by wearing the bumblebee tights and they went down a treat.

She spoke to me about her first time directing and the selection process of picking Emilia to play the lead role of Lou.

Watch the interview here:

Me Before You comes out on Friday, 3rd June and it’s absolutely brilliant. Bring your tissues but the tears are worth it.