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16th Dec 2017

Here’s why you should watch Netflix’s holiday movie A Christmas Prince

Netflix's first Christmas movie has it all

Keeley Ryan

’Tis the season, after all.

Now that it’s finally December, it’s time to break out all of the classic Christmas tunes – and let’s not forget the holiday movies.

And Netflix’s latest offering, A Christmas Prince, has all the ingredients of a must-watch holiday romantic comedy.

There’s plenty of witty comebacks, home decor #goals, a few exclamations of ‘you lied to me!’ and at least one good smooch.

But with the holidays just around the corner, the cheese factor in A Christmas Prince has been turned up to 11 (or 12) – and an ending that has been sweeping viewers off their feet.

The movie tells the tale of an American journalist named Amber who gets her big break when she is sent to a fictional European country to investigate a story about the Royal Family (in particular, the handsome prince with a playboy reputation).

But things don’t go quite as planned (of course) and she ends up being mistaken for a tutor who was hired to teach the Princess, which gives her unheard of access to the palace.

Amber keeps going along with the case of mistaken identity to try and get the gossip about the royal family for her article.

Of course, she ends up falling for the prince who is about to be crowned king, which leaves her wondering how to best come clean about her identity.

Beyond some definite plot holes (like the fact that the film can’t quite make up its mind as to the setting) and plenty of cliches, the film is definitely ideal for any rom-com fans looking to get into the holiday spirit.