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08th Jun 2019

Everyone was HOWLING at this awkward Anton moment on Love Island last night

Olivia Hayes

In actual bits.

We all saw it. We all laughed.

Last night, the first recoupling of this season of Love Island happened. It was intense, there were a lot of surprises and of course, there were tears.

Molly-Mae even said it herself, she’s making everyone cry from her decision.

We said goodbye to *spoiler* Callum, and while the contestants sobbed, just a few moments earlier we were all howling at the TV.

During Anna’s speech where she was describing the boy she wants to couple up with, Anton 100 percent thought it was him.

He had a cheeky little grin on his face, which quickly turned sour when Anna announced she was choosing to couple up with Sherif.

Of course, Twitter copped onto it and the tweets that came out of it were pure gold:

It wasn’t all bad though as Amber chose to couple up with Anton “to give him a chance” so the boy will live to see another day.

Let’s just hope he’s not that cringey at the next recoupling.