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16th May 2018

Emmerdale reveal intense murder plan and Jesus, it’s so stupid

Jade Hayden

Come ON.

Right, if there’s one soap that’s been steadily moving up the ranks as of late in terms of content, it’s been Emmerdale. 

Back in the day, they were the soap that no one was bothered about, the one that you only watched if you accidentally switched on TV3 at 7pm.

And yet, times have changed and the guys down at the Dale have become more credible than a lot of other soaps who previously held those titles (EastEnders, looking at you girl).

Anyway, enough about how great Emmerdale is because tonight they proved that they can still absolutely lose the run of themselves.

Here’s why.

Lachlan’s gone and decided that he wants to kill Gerry because he doesn’t think Gerry can be trusted to stay quiet about the car crash that killed Chrissie and Lawrence.

With us so far? Good.

So, Lachlan puts his plan in action except instead of just, you know, planning a murder and keeping it on the DL, he legit goes onto Google dot com and types in ‘how to get away with murder.’

No, seriously.

He did that.

You could not make it up, like.

Anyway, it’s all gas and all until you remember that somebody on the Dale is actually going to die tomorrow night at 7pm.

Whether it’s Gerry or not, we don’t know, but one thing is for sure.

Lachlan will absolutely not get away with that murder.

Emmerdale continues tomorrow evening at 7pm.