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27th Sep 2018

Emmerdale actor clears up massive continuity error from last night and lol

Jade Hayden

emmerdale vanessa

Makes sense, yeah.

If you were watching Emmerdale last night, you probably would have noticed a few things.

The first is that there was significantly less murder, kidnap, and general upset than usual.

And the second is that Vanessa legit disappeared off the face of the earth at one point and nobody knew where she went.

No really, she did.

During last night’s episode of the soap, Vanessa and Charity went to Charity’s dad’s house to have a bit of a chat.

Things got a bit heated between the pair, leaving Charity upset, and storming off on her own in the car – entirely without Vanessa… who apparently just got the bus home because there was legit no other way for her exit the area.

Actor Michelle Hardwick took to Twitter after the episode aired to clear a few things up about Vanessa’s location and to refute the fact that the whole thing wasn’t just a continuity error.

She wrote:

Grand, that sorts that out then anyway.

This comes after fans were fairly confused by a detail of Charity’s rape trial where she testified against a policeman who sexually assault her when she was a teenager.

Charity was questioned by the defence who brought up the issue of consent – something that should have been irrelevant given that Charity was 14-years-old when the assault occurred.