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13th Aug 2021

Eminem’s 19-year-old child comes out as non-binary

Kieran Galpin

“Watch me become more comfortable with myself.”

Eminem’s child has come out as non-binary in a viral TikTok, where they asked fans to “call me Stevie (they/she/he).”

Eminem, real name Marshall Bruce Mathers III, adopted Stevie in 2005 after briefly reconciling with Stevie’s mother Kim Scott, 46.

@st0nedc0wforever growing and changing &lt3 ##greenscreen ##genderfluid ##bi ##life♬ original sound – THXOC

In a video shared to their TikTok, Stevie illustrates their gender journey through a series of images. “Watch me become more comfortable with myself,” the video begins.

Alongside she/her pronouns, and their deadname Whitney, the teenager posts a series of images of their time presenting as female. Then, as the pronouns change to they/she, Whitney looks remarkably different, wearing more androgynous clothing, and a shaved head.

In the final section, Stevie shares their chosen name (Stevie) alongside “all pronouns.”

Sex is a biological factor that is determined at birth, however, gender is a combination of various societal constructions. Those who identify as non-binary, or gender-fluid, do not relate to the societal constructions of their gender. Therefore, instead of taking the standard he/him or she/her, individuals prefer to be referred to by they/them.

Criticism in the past has surfaced because ‘they/them’ can be “grammatically incorrect.” However, when we don’t know the gender of someone, we naturally change our wording to they/them anyway. Furthermore, when talking about a group of people, we say they/them too.

Stevie came out as bisexual in 2017. At the time their Instagram bio requested to be referred by the pronouns she/they. The teenager said in a now-deleted post: “Happy national coming out day! I am bisexual???? I would like to say you’re perfect the way you are and that love is love!??? be yourself!”