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17th Dec 2018

Dr Alex has just posted the single most stunning response to the Love Island reunion

Jade Hayden


Dr Alex has just posted the single most bodying response to the Love Island Christmas reunion special.

He didn’t take the piss out of it.

He didn’t brag about the fact that he’s back in the ER and doesn’t have to rely on In The Style sponsorship deals to pay the bills.

He didn’t even share a meme of himself on his own account.

Well, he did, but like, he also shared this – a photo of himself wrapped around an anonymous person’s legs while watching the show.

We know, shocking.

Dr Alex shared the photo of his legs intertwined in another person’s legs on his Twitter just now as the show was on.

Understandably, people were fairly shocked… And absolutely delighted for the doctor for playing the long game and finding somebody outside of the reality show.

Fair play, mate.