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30th May 2023

Downton Abbey actress gives update on the show’s return

Kat O'Connor

Rumours are rife about Downton Abbey’s return to the small screen.

Downton Abbey’s return is honestly all we want to talk about. We’ve had six seasons and two movies, but it just isn’t enough. Sure we have Bridgerton to give us our period-drama fix, but nothing beats Downton Abbey.

There’s been no official announcement on the show’s return just yet, but insiders have confirmed that the show’s creators are eager for Downton to return to the small screen.

And they’re not the only ones. Cast members are also eager to reprise their roles including actress Sophie McShera.

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Sophie McShera starred as Daisy Mason on the beloved show recently said she’d love to return.

She addressed the rumours during a recent interview on The One Show.

Sophie said she keeps getting asked about the potential return but hasn’t heard anything official just yet.

“I mean, I’m ready but I’ve not heard a thing apart from everyone asking me,” she said.

Sophie added, “I love Downton and I love working with everyone, it’s amazing.”


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