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07th Jan 2022

Don’t Look Up smashes Netflix viewing records

Don’t Look Up could become the streaming platform’s most viewed movie.

If you and your family watched Don’t Look Up over the Christmas period, then you were definitely not alone.

Adam McKay’s thriller has broken a Netflix record after it attracted the most viewing hours in a single week.

According to Deadline, the film resulted in 152.9 million hours of streaming in the week of 27 December to 2 January. On top of that, figures released by the streaming platform indicates that Don’t Look Up is Netflix’s third most watched film, as it trails behind Bird Box and Red Notice. Having said that, the film secured third place after just 28 days, so there’s still a chance it may pass out the other two.

Earlier this week, Adam McKay took to Twitter to say that he was “straight up flabbergasted” by the response to the film, and its viewing numbers.

Don’t Look Up stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence as scientists desperately trying to warn the world of an approaching comet. However, their urgency of their message is upstaged by a tech entrepreneur who puts the entire planet at risk in order to profit off the incoming comet.

The film received mixed reviews, but it was praised for its message, which serves as a metaphor for the lack of action surrounding the climate crisis.

Since its release, the film partnered with Count Us In, a climate justice organisation.

A joint statement from the partnership reads: “Don’t Look Up has partnered with Count Us In to help you become a powerful actor in the fight for a safer planet.

“Count Us In is a global movement of people and organizations taking effective action on climate change – and we need you to be a part of it.”

Count Us In released a guide inspired by the film to help ignite “thoughtful conversations” with those around you regarding climate change.