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11th Apr 2022

DIY SOS viewers praise show for featuring “incredible” family

“This show has me in tears.”

Last night’s episode of DIY SOS: The Big Build had viewers, once again, in tears, as the home makeover show featured an incredibly inspiring family.

On the programme, Baz Ashmawy met David and Laura Costello and their five children – Dylan, Thomas, Matthew, Sophie and Daniel.

Just two years ago, Laura became partially paralysed due to a rare birth defect while giving birth to Daniel. During the ordeal, her heart stopped for 45 minutes and she experienced low brain activity. She subsequently spent a year in the National Rehabilitation Hospital as she learned to walk and talk again.

When she returned home however, it became clear that their home was not fit for her needs, and so team DIY SOS decided to get involved to make some big changes.

They were joined by a massive team of volunteers on a mission to transform their home life in just nine days.

Afterwards, Laura remarked on the changes, saying that she is “coming home forever”, and now has a “second chance at a great life”.

Ashmawy said that the team of volunteers had “restored the house”, as well as his “faith in humanity”.

Over on Twitter, viewers were moved by Laura’s story, as well as the community coming together to change the family’s lives.

One fan wrote: “Baz Ashmawy is the perfect person to present #DIYsosIrl. You can see how much he cares! This show has me in tears.”

Another shared: “Well fair to say we are all crying and in awe of Laura and David on tonight’s DIYsosirl. The epitome of love.”

A third tweeted: “Just amazing to see the amazing volunteers and workers on DIYsosIrl giving a family a chance to be a family. The volunteers are just spectacularly amazing and should be so proud of themselves.”