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05th Apr 2022

Disney’s Irish Disenchanted scenes set to be reshot after mixed reviews

Hopefully it’s not much.

Half of the country headed to Enniskerry last summer to get a glimpse of the set of Disney’s Disenchanted, but now it looks like they’ll be re-filming some of the Irish scenes.

After receiving mixed reactions during a test screening, reshoots are underway in the UK village of Hambleden, with the cast and extras all involved.

Similar to how Enniskerry was transformed, Hambleden has seen shop fronts changed into fairytale themes and flowers covering the town.

BreakingNews reports an industry source said: “They (production team) did have to reshoot some scenes. As of March 28th, reshoots have been under way in Buckinghamshire, England due to mixed reception at a test screening. Reshoots will also take place in New York City and are expected to last until April.”

Reshoots are also underway in New York City and are expected to last until the end of the month.

Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey have already been spotted in different locations in the UK in full costume after filming in Ireland wrapped last August.

Gardaí confirmed the news that the cast had officially left our little island last year, saying: “Last scene shot yesterday in Enniskerry. Farewell to Disney, farewell to lots of Goofy parking, to eating Minnie ice creams & to the Buzz of so many cars, and to lots of happy memories for so many visitors.”

The film is expected to be released later this year. As it is unknown how much of the film needs to be reshot, the release date may be pushed back depending on this.