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23rd Apr 2022

Bridgerton season two actually referenced Kate and Anthony’s future

Did you spot this scene in Bridgerton?

Kate and Anthony’s enemies-to-lovers storyline in Bridgerton was everything. We just love a slow-burn romance.

It may have taken quite some time, but the couple finally got their happy ending in the end. Towards the end of season 2, Kate and Anthony are dancing together.

The scene takes place just days after Anthony nearly loses Kate in a horse-riding accident. The Viscount realises that she needs to know how he truly feels.

The ton is still reeling from his disastrous attempt down the aisle, but that doesn’t stop the pair from going public with their romance. As they dance together, Anthony asks Kate how many fingers he is holding up to make sure she’s feeling okay.

“How many?” he asks.

Kate responds “three”, but Anthony is actually holding up four fingers.

Fans have freaked out over the scene because they think it foreshadows the pairs’ future as parents.

In the book, Kate and Anthony end up having four children together.

Actor Jonathan Bailey, who plays Anthony, even commented on the subtle hint. He was asked if it was a hint at Kanthony’s future.

He said, “Yeah, of course. But maybe it’s the number of seasons that they’ll be in. We’ll have to wait and see”

The actor also told Harpers Bazaar about their hopes for the future. “I think Kate’s gonna have a shock. She’s had a lot of responsibility within her family, but she knows nothing [about how] to head up the Bridgerton family.

“My God, for them to have their firstborn, Edmund, is gonna be incredibly moving, especially because both of their relationships with their parents have been so complicated.

“I think they’ll really come together to be incredible, loving parents, and that’s gonna be joyful to see,” he said.