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05th May 2022

Derry Girls creator addresses the future of Erin and James’ romance

Have we really seen the last of Jerin?

This week, Derry Girls viewers were gobsmacked after bearing witness to love blooming between James and Erin.

In the episode, the gang reluctantly spent a spooky night together after being tasked with cleaning the home of Sister Michael’s late aunt in Donegal.

James sustained a head injury early on, and on recovery, he appeared to have experienced a bit of an epiphany.

He expressed his feelings for Erin, and, much to the fury of his cousin Michelle, the pair smooched in the kitchen.

Towards the end of the episode, Erin took Michelle’s feelings on board, and told James that, for the dynamic of the group, it’s probably best if they just remain friends.

The show’s creator, Lisa McGee, has since commented on that moment, as well as the future of Erin and James.

In an interview with Digital Spy, she explained that she herself was not rooting for Erin and James.

She told the publication: “I was sort of with the fans that didn’t want it because I mean, I always worry that it just gets less interesting the minute it happens.”

McGee did share that with the kiss not going anywhere, she was attempting to appease the fans who wanted a Jerin storyline, and those who knew it would change the dynamic of the show.

She then said that it was important for Michelle to “call time on it immediately”, so that it “never develops beyond that point”.

The writer continued: “Mainly I just thought it would be fun to try it, and it was always on my mind, since even creating the characters, that that could happen with the two of them.”

She didn’t rule out the possibility of their relationship going further, however, as she said: “It might in the future, but I just started thinking it would be quite nice if we saw their first kiss because this is the last series.”

So, while we probably won’t see romance bloom on the series, McGee has laid the groundwork for it to grow in future iterations of the Derry Girls universe.