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25th Jul 2022

Davide’s Instagram account has unfollowed Ekin-Su multiple times

Ellen Fitzpatrick

They’re just like him.

Last night’s Love Island saw Davide and Ekin-Su take a major step in their relationship over a romantic serving of tiramisu.

The couple took things to the next level as they became exclusive, with Davide making Ekin-Su the traditional Italian dessert to ask the big question.

While the pair seem to be on an ultimate high in their relationship now, things weren’t always so smooth and with many ups and downs, came a lot of unfollowing.

As we know by now, while the islanders are in the villa, they have no access to their social media or the outside world, so friends and family will take over on their behalf.

But during the downfalls in Davide and Ekin-Su’s romance, a friend of Davide revealed on Aftersun that his Instagram account actually unfollowed Ekin-Su’s “a few times”.

Appearing on the spin-off show on Sunday night, Laura Whitmore was joined by two of Davide’s friends in the audience and questioned them about Davide’s big, romantic gesture.

Asking if this was a regular thing he does in a relationship, one friend replied: “He doesn’t actually do it for everyone, so it must be a big step for him, 100%.”

Following it up by asking if his friends thought they were a good match, the other said: “Yeah, I think they’ve shown that they’re a good match now, maybe not at the start.”

Adding that the answer would’ve been a lot different had it been asked a few weeks ago, the friend added: “We’ve unfollowed Ekin-Su a few times. We’re following each other now.”

The friend noted that he was the person in control of the Instagram account and could decide who Davide followed while on the show, which only led to fans and Laura herself bursting out laughing.

With many noting on Twitter that Davide and his friends are very similar, others couldn’t help but joke about the confession.

One fan wrote: “‘We unfollowed ekin su a few times’ davide’s friends lmaooo #LoveIsland”.

Another said: “Davide’s mates on love island after sun I can’t #LoveIsland.”

A third added: “Best bit from the #aftersun Davide’s friends saying that they have unfollowed EkinSu few times.”

While a fourth noted: “stop not Davide’s friends who are running his account said they’ve unfollowed ekin a few times”