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26th Mar 2015

David Walliams Talks Britain’s Got Talent Future

He has apparently signed a contract for 2016

David Walliams has revealed that his Britain’s Got Talent future has been decided.

The comedian reportedly confirmed that he has already signed a contract and will be back on the panel next year (as in 2016).

He told The Sun newspaper: “Unless I do something awful then yes, I will be back next year.”

However he did admit that he had considered leaving: “I felt I’d done three years on the show and that’s sometimes enough.

“I was also out of contract so it was up to Britain’s Got Talent to ask me to come back. Fortunately they did. It is a really fun show, there’s nothing like it.

“We’ve got a really great panel and I love the chemistry. Most of the time it’s a really happy experience and I would’ve been foolish to leave it.”