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19th Dec 2017

A dancing burglar caught on CCTV featured in last night’s RTÉ Crimecall

This is a first.

Well this is just straight-up bizarre.

During last night’s RTÉ Crimecall amidst Garda appeals for help and shocking footage of gangland crime throughout Ireland – came an equally wrongful yet extremely weird piece of footage.

Basically, bizarre CCTV footage showed two men breaking and entering, while a third man practised dancing in the background.

The man in question was wearing a pair of tracksuit pants, a baseball cap and a heavy jacket but his face is not in clear sight.

The Garda in studio was as shocked as the public after seeing this footage. Speaking after viewing the clip he said: “It’s very unusual, in all my career in An Garda Síochána I’ve never seen anything like this.”

The public too took to Twitter to discuss what they had just seen…

Watching #Crimecall and the house burglary mad me so mad.. I really feel like people who break into other peoples houses and rob them or even worse hurt them should be given such a long time in prison when caught. They don’t realise the longterm effects it has on people ?

— Sam Ryan (@Samanthar535) December 18, 2017