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07th Nov 2017

A couple’s sex toy advent calendar is here for a very merry Christmas

Ding dong merrily on high...

Denise Curtin

We are in advent calendar overdrive at the moment in the Her office.

And one calendar has recently caused a stir amongst the gals. Introducing the sex toy advent calendar here to solve all your sexual frustrations and fantasies.

The calendar which comes with 24 doors has a little present hiding behind each one. From dildos to blindfolds; anal beads to handcuffs, this calendar is packed to the brim with everything you need (and never thought you needed).

The whole calendar which retails for €249.95 is currently ON SALE for half the price. Bargain alert. The sex toy connoisseurs are currently selling the calendar for €120.00. Unreal.

And if the reviews are anything to go by, we will be buying ten.

One customer said:

“This is unlike anything I have ever tried before, it’s not only a bunch of toys and items to enhance your sex life but it’s also a fun experience for you as a couple and from opening the first door it makes you feel closer together. If we could have waited till the start of December we both said it would have been fun to open one door a day leading up to the end of the year, but we couldn’t resist taking turns and having a giggle between each door.”

While another commented:

“We have had many hours of fun with the contents of the box since we got it to test. Both of us enjoying exploring the sensations provided by the many items included. A number of which we would never have thought about purchasing. It has helped to us to think about other products we might like to bring into the bedroom.”

You can purchase the calendar here, but I would suggest grabbing it before it’s gone. It looks like Christmas  is COMING early (oi, no dirty thoughts you).