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25th Aug 2018

Corrie’s Daniel Brocklebank bodies fan who criticises his acting

Jade Hayden

daniel brocklebank

Coronation Street‘s Daniel Brocklebank has bodied a fan who criticised his acting.

The actor, who plays vicar Billy Mayhew in the soap, was verbally attacked on Twitter yesterday by an avid Corrie viewer who said that Brocklebank’s performance was “totally unbelievable” and “shit.”

The user also criticised Brocklebank’s wardrobe in the show, saying: “Tight trousers and rolled up trousers, get rid.”

The actor wasn’t about to take such lethal criticism lying down though.

Upon viewing the tweet, he decided to retweet the offending statement, throwing his own substantial amount of shade at the viewer.

Brocklebank wrote:

“Thank you for your review David. I’ll be passing your comments on to the relevant departments.

“Especially seeing as you have degrees in acting, costume design & extensive knowledge relating to the clergy.”


The actor’s retweet has since received almost 1,000 likes, meaning that Brocklebank’s followers are clearly of the opinion that his acting is not “unbelievable” or, in fact, “shit.”

This comes not long after Brocklebank’s Corrie character, Billy, became a heroin addicted. He was eventually caught stealing and was convinced to go to rehab for treatment.

Billy is currently back on the street and living with his daughter, Summer.