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17th Sep 2021

Coco is officially the Ireland’s favourite Pixar film, according to science

It’s only the second most loved Pixar movie across the globe though…

Everyone has a favourite Pixar movie. How can you not when their list of classics is so endless? For some it’s the charm of Woody and Buzz Lightyear, for others it’s the action of The Incredibles. They’re films that cross generations.

But Ireland’s favourite is one you may not expect. Beating the likes of Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc. and Inside Out, the crown for our most loved Pixar film goes to Coco.

Play Like Mum have found that, along with 117 other countries, Ireland ranks the 2017 classic as number one. It wasn’t the most popular worldwide though.

Taking into account a whole host of factors – including reviews from audiences and critics, how much each film grossed, and how much each film is searched for online – the research assigned every Pixar film a score out of 10.

And the film that came out on top? Up.

The 2009 film, with its tear-jerking moments and heart-warming message – which is searched for 141,200,000 times a year across the world and had an average score of 98 per cent from critics – was given an overall score of 8.93 out of 10, well clear of Coco’s 7.8.

Coming in at third place is Toy Story 3, which had a score of 7.39.

The highest grossing Pixar film, Finding Nemo – which raked in $1,395,212,463 when adjusted for inflation – had a score of 7.35, putting it in fourth place.

The most successful Pixar movie director is Pete Docter, three of whose movies appear in the top 10, including Up, Inside Out and Monsters, Inc., grossing a combined total of £2 billion worldwide.

But wherever there are winners, there must be losers. And coming in at the bottom of Pixar’s 24-film mountain is Cars 2. Getting a critics score of just 40 per cent and an audience score of 49 per cent, the sequel was given a pitiful 2.13 out of 10 – performing even worse than Cars 3, which got 3.80 out of 10.

Sandwich in between the two in 23rd place was The Good Dinosaur, with a score of 3.72.

Nope, me neither.

Difficult to argue with all the rankings – and a glance at the 24 films is a perfect reminder of the genius and brilliance that is Pixar.