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15th Aug 2021

This clip of Kaz and Liam bonding over romcoms is too much

Sarah McKenna Barry

More moments like this on the main show please!

Look, it’s been a pretty eventful week on Love Island.

In just a short number of days, we welcomed Priya and Brett, bid adieu to Matthew, saw Faye finally apologise to Teddy and watched on as cracks started to show in Jake and Liberty’s relationship.

It’s all been a bit much, to be honest.

While we live for the drama, it’s also nice to see the islanders sit back, relax and share a laugh from time to time.

Last night, for instance, viewers were chuffed to see Kaz and Liam bond over their love of romantic comedies.

The two pals were chilling out on the daybed, when Kaz told him about her love for Disney films.

“I grew up watching Disney, romcoms,” Kaz begins.

Liam is quick to affirm her, and says: “I love a good romcom, me.”

He then asked her if she’s seen the 2011 classic, No Strings Attached, which of course, she has.

The conversation then moved onto The Perfect Man, a staple in any Hilary Duff’s superfan’s arsenal.

“I watched that move 10,000 times,” Kaz says.

Liam agrees that, yeah, it is a good film.

“You get me,” Kaz sequels. “You literally get me.”

The cherry on top of this pure interaction was when, naturally, they took turns to recall their favourite moments from 10 Things I Hate About You, which prompted Liam to bust out his best “I love you baby”.

Too sweet for words.

The official Love Island twitter page shared the Kaz and Liam scene earlier this morning, and fans demanded more Laz moments.

One fan felt that it was enough to redeem Liam for his past discretions.

“Please tell me why I started half liking Liam, again, after seeing this little clip of Liam and Kaz? I am disgraced,” one fan wrote. “Their friendship needs more screen time please.”

Another chimed in to say: “More of these funny scenes, it doesn’t need to be engineered drama, arguing or issues with couples every time.”

Hard agree.