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19th Dec 2017

This is what Claudia Schiffer got paid for that TINY Love Actually cameo

For 60 seconds? 

Orlaith Condon

For 60 seconds?

Fourteen years after it’s release, and it’s still one the best Christmas movies ever.

Love Actually lives on as one of our favourite Christmas movies of all time, and much of that is down to its stellar cast.

However, there is one cast member in particular that we constantly forget even had a role at all – Claudia Schiffer.

Yep, until she makes her glorious debut on screen, we totally forget she’s a part of the line-up at all.

Much of that is down to the fact that she only appears in roughly 60 seconds of the film.

It’s a short-lived but much-loved cameo, and it’s reported that Schiffer got paid quite the hefty sum for that precious minute.

According to reports, the supermodel was paid an eye-watering £200,000 for her cameo.

Yep, that works out at roughly £3,333 per second!

It’s some work – if you can get it.